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Facial Treatments

If you need a deep exfoliating treatment included with skin resurfacing microdermabrasion, an acne fighting facial or a skin tightening age defying facial included with hydration and youth fighting ingredients. Then you've come to the right place! I'd love to help you!


Here at Flawless by Machelle you get honest and detailed treatments, High quality at an affordable price. My facials help every skin concern reach the goals you desire. I believe it is very important to take care of our skin and give ourselves the love we deserve so that we can live our best life. Im excited to welcome all and everyone in my studio. I believe it takes all kinds to make this beautiful world go around. It means alot to me when people feel comfortable in my space.  



Waxing Treatments

Waxing is a great alternative to shaving. When you wax and pull the hair from the root, the hair can't grow back as thick leaving you soft and smooth even as your hair grows back. With a 4 week treatment plan and easy home care you could have smooth areas of your preference for as long as you want. 

Here's a tip for your comfort. Before your wax treatment, be sure you are very hydrated. This process should start about 3 days before your treatment; if your'e typically not hydrated. This helps the hair glide out easy, omits breakage and help soften the skin making the process more comfortable. It is ok to take tylenol before your treatment as well. Throw away that razor that leaves your poor skin itchy and stubbly.




For attention detailed waxing and facial services, Visit me at my Spa room!

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Please allow at least 24 hour notice. If not cancelled 24 hours before your appointment you may still be charged 50% of the total for the booked appointment. Thank you so much for understanding my time and business is as valuable as you are.

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