Body Treatments

Backcial-A custom treatment for your back

Often times we can get to our back to exfoliate. This treatment gets in deep to exfoliate and clear clogged pores. Using the same amazing Image skin care line I use for facials; I also use for your back. Giving your back the benefits of a facial leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.


Vacial - A treatment for your pelvic 

This body treatment is for the pelvic area. Sometimes we experience ingrown hair in that area. Often times that leads to picking and sqeezing that peski in grown trying deperately to get it out. Then that may lead to post traumatic hyperpigmenttation. This is why this Vacial is so beneficial. It will release the ingrowns and help lighten unwanted discoloring. It is a 30 minute treatment which includes microdermabrasion and a soothing finish.


Full Body Sugar Scrub

A relaxing body exfoliation using hot towels and a sugar scrub that will leave you feeling so soft with the soothing finishing with a full body moisturising body cream of a scent of your choice available. By eliminating our dead skin cells we allow the body to benefit from cream and lotions for days to follow. 


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